Have You Been Making these All-too-Common Home Security Mistakes?

There is no question that a quality home security system can offer great protection; however, even the most modern and advanced system is not able to totally override human error. For homeowners who want to keep burglars at bay, they should do the following to avoid some of the most common security mistakes, which have been highlighted here.

Allowing mail and newspapers to pile up. If you let your newspapers pile up in your driveway or on your porch for several days, it is a clear indication no one is at home. Ask a neighbor, friend or even family member to pick up your mail and papers while you are away.

Not checking window and door locks. If you leave a window or door unlocked, it will result in your entire home being vulnerable. Be sure to check locks regularly to make sure they are secure and not open. Your alarm company can likely install sensors that let you know when windows or doors are open and that can be controlled from a smart device.

Not trimming shrubs around the house. Large trees and overgrown shrubs are the ideal hiding places for would-be thieves. It is essential to trim any shrubs and trees that may be covering any lower windows. This will prevent your home from becoming an “easy target.” Also, cut any bigger branches that may let a burglar climb to second story windows.

Not arming your security system. Having a security system is great, but if you don’t arm it, it does no good. Security systems are the ideal way to keep your home safe, but you have to remember to turn it on. You may want to consider installing the control panel near the door, or using a mobile security application for remote access and control.

When you use these tips and are aware of what is going on, your home and family will remain safe and secure.

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